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  • We are based in the U.S., so I understand how things work here, and it is convenient to meet and discuss chartering options—which gives you more control over this important part of your costs.
  • We can provide assistance with the export/import process in terms of sharing the responsibility with the buyer and ship owner. In addition, we can ensure that your interests are met and that you are covered from unnecessary liabilities.
  • We can fulfill your shipping needs with any size and type of vessels worldwide for any type of cargoes such as timber, grain, ore, coal, project cargoes and many more.
  • We offer a fresh approach to finding ship owners in order to obtain better results.
  • During the fixture process, we will be available 24/7 for any needs regarding the shipment.
  • We provide full confidentiality, and you will not incur costs for any aspect of my services.
  • We serve all major ports on the USEC and USWC such as:


Port of Baltimore
Port of Boston
Port of New York and New Jersey, includes Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal
Port Jersey
Port of Philadelphia
Port of Wilmington
Hampton Roads — Complex includes naval and commercial facilities Port of Virginia
Naval Station Norfolk
Port of Wilmington
Port of Charleston
Port of Savannah
Port Canaveral[10]
Port Everglades
Port of Jacksonville
Port of Miami
Port Corpus Christi — Port Corpus Christi is the fifth-largest port in the United States in total tonnage. Panamax class vessels are handled at the Port's Bulk Terminal.
Port of Tampa
Port of Mobile — the only deepwater port in the state of Alabama
Port of New Orleans
Port of Beaumont — a deepwater port located in Beaumont, Texas.
Port of Galveston — the oldest port on the Gulf Coast, west of New Orleans.
Port of Houston — located in Houston, Texas, tenth-busiest port in world by tonnage.
Port of the Americas (Port of Ponce) — capable of servicing post-Panamax vessels with a controlling depth of 50 feet (15 m). The Holsatia Express, a vessel of 12.6 metres (41 ft) draft, had to be turned away in 2008 because of insufficient water depth,suggesting Ponce may not be a true "deepwater port".


Port of Seattle
Port of Tacoma
Port Madison — sometimes called Port Madison Bay, is a deepwater bay located on Puget Sound.
Port Angeles
Port of Grays Harbor
Port of Longview
Port of Kalama
Port of Vancouver USA
Port of Portland — Three post-Panamax terminals.
Port of Coos Bay — Oregon's second busiest seaport
Port of Humboldt Bay — (aka Port of Eureka) the only deepwater port in California north of San Francisco Bay
Port of Richmond
Port of Stockton — California's farthest-inland deepwater port.
Port of Oakland — the channel is thirty feet deep and eight hundred feet wide.
Port of Redwood City — resulting from dredging the mouth of Redwood Creek
Port of Hueneme — the only deepwater port between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the only military deepwater port between San Diego Bay and Puget Sound
Port of Los Angeles — Busiest port in the United States.
Port of Long Beach — One of the busiest container ports in the world.Port of San Diego — Home to the bulk of the United States Navy Pacific Carrier Fleet. Only the first nine miles (14 km) of the bay are accessible to Panamax vessels

Vessel chartering is not a simple task and if we can be of any help or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us 24 hours 7 days a week.


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